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Badu Networks Establishes New UK Subsidiary to Meet Demand for its Breakthrough 4G LTE and 5G Solutions

Badu Networks Establishes New UK Subsidiary to Meet Demand for its Breakthrough 4G LTE and 5G Solutions

Badu Networks provides the bridge to 5G

IRVINE, CA May 15, 2019 – Badu Networks, the market leader in next generation optimization for WAN, Wi-Fi and mobile networks is pleased to announce the establishment of its newest subsidiary, Badu Networks UK Ltd. The driving factors were the company’s recent customer win with a major tier one European carrier and rapidly growing EMEA pipeline. Mobile network operators worldwide are turning to Badu Networks’ patented breakthrough WarpEngine™ technology that boosts LTE performance and throughput by 3x or more, without the massive expense and disruption of upgrading existing infrastructure. Similar improvements in performance and throughput have been seen in early 5G testing, indicating WarpEngine™ will significantly reduce 5G’s high deployment cost.

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Leading MSP SkiiTech partners with Badu Networks to offer Next-Generation Business Wi-Fi

Joint solution works with client’s existing infrastructure to deliver over 2x improvement in performance and throughput, for the best possible user experience in high traffic networks

OVERLAND PARK, KS and IRVINE, CA April 17, 2019 – Leading MSP SkiiTech is pleased to announce it is now offering Badu Networks’ patented breakthrough optimization technology to overcome Wi-Fi performance and throughput challenges, without costly and disruptive infrastructure or end user device upgrades. Wi-Fi networks are often subject to RF interference, fading and saturation driven by a sudden increase in users, creating jitter.  Network protocols treat jitter as congestion, slowing traffic to prevent data loss until throughput collapses, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.  As a result, connections drop, videos pause, and applications stall, leading to poor employee productivity and unhappy customers.

SkiiTech’s managed services leverage their deep networking expertise and Badu Networks’ next generation technology to deliver maximum operational efficiency and performance.  The CIO of a nationwide wholesale distribution firm recently stated,  “Our network administrators are seeing a 146% improvement in throughput, and support calls have decreased by over 80% with SkiiTech’s Business Wi-Fi solution incorporating Badu’s technology.”

Benchmarks typically show more than a 2x improvement in performance and throughput at scale on existing networks, to support hundreds to thousands of users.  This makes it ideal for high traffic Wi-Fi networks in large or small businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and major public venues.  Solutions are also available for wired networks that scale to meet the largest enterprise, data center, ISP, carrier core network, and cloud requirements.

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About SkiiTech

SkiiTech is a national Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides Network Management as a Service (NMaaS). SkiiTech offers managed service for business Wi-Fi, internet, switching, WAN optimization, firewall, cloud optimization and management, and security.  Skiitech is a certified partner of Arista Networks (NYSE: ANET) and Watchguard (NASDAQ: WGRD). For more information, visit   

About​ ​Badu​ ​Networks,​ ​Inc.

Badu Networks provides patented next generation network optimization technology that delivers dramatic improvements in WAN, mobile and Wi-Fi network performance and throughput without costly and disruptive upgrades, enabling customers to maximize ROI from their existing infrastructure. Our innovative solutions significantly reduce webpage load times, accelerate enterprise applications hosted on-premises and in the cloud, and speed traffic across the Internet.  For more information, visit


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Badu​ ​Networks​ ​Safeguards​ ​5G​ ​Network​ ​Investments​ ​with​ ​Warp​Engine-X Network​ ​Optimization​ ​Solution

WarpEngine-X optimizes bandwidth utilization, improves throughput, and boosts network performance by up to 10x with unprecedented deployment

IRVINE, CA October 7, 2017 – Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization solutions, has developed a network optimization solution for building out and sustaining the 5G network. Badu Networks’ WarpEngine-X addresses the economic, performance, and technical challenges that carriers
will face in the build out of 5G networks.

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Badu Networks Announces Availability of 10Gb/s WarpEngine‐X Network Optimization Proxy

WarpEngine‐X maximizes ROI on 10Gbps network investments by overcoming limitations in TCP to deliver up to 10x improvements in throughput for the best possible quality of service

IRVINE, CA August 8, 2017 – Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its 10Gb/s product, WarpEngine‐X. WarpEngine‐X leverages Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP™ technology which mitigates TCP’s Retransmit Timeout (RTO) induced throughput collapse to improve network performance by up to 10x. This ensures the highest quality of service possible for mission critical applications.

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Badu Networks Delivers Ten-fold Improvement in Throughput between AWS and On-Premises Environments with WarpVM

IRVINE, Calif. August 7, 2017 – Badu Networks is pleased to announce that its WarpVM solution is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. WarpVM leverages Badu Networks’ patented technology to separate the signal from the noise, resulting in dramatic increases in throughput between cloud and on-premises environments. Benchmarks show WarpVM boosts network throughput by up to three times on uncongested networks and up to ten times on highly congested networks. WarpVM optimizes TCP bandwidth utilization to get the most out of a connection when sending and retrieving data to and from AWS. WarpVM excels within jittery networks, such as Wi-Fi and VPN tunnels. WarpVM is available as a c4.2xlarge instance, providing up to 2 Gbps peak throughput.

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